Double Hung & Single Hung Windows

Double hung allows both top and bottom sashes to slide vertically and a single hung only allows the bottom sash to slide vertically.

Double Hungs and Single hungs have been around for the longest of window times. They are a more traditional build style and compliment vintage homes and cottages nicely. This style also works for a modern home that may be designed to mirror the image of an older, traditional aesthetic.



  • Classic lines with understated elegance and no obvious jamb liners or hardware
  • State-of-the-art sash weatherstrip provides minimum friction for easy lift operation
  • Block and tackle balances with knife lock system for consistent tension throughout operation
  • Easy Maintainance. Hung window sashes tilt inward for painless cleaning. You can wash both sides of the glass from the inside
  • Both dbl hung and single hungs sashes can be unequally divided or equally divided to meet design styles
  • Both are available in vinyl, aluminium clad and wood design and can be mixed and matched with other window styles such as a Picture/direct set

Classic lines with understated elegance

XL Hung Or Weight and Chain Hung

Pine, Douglas Fir Or Mahogany


For a low maintenance exterior finish, you have the opportunity to choose an extruded aluminum clad for your windows. We use extruded aluminum only. Thicker and stronger than roll-form, it provides superior quality, weather and impact resistance and longer life.